A unique and innovative model of integrated healthcare: an outpatient care facility that guarantees complete oversight of the path of treatment of people thanks to the constant collaboration of qualified healthcare professionals.

A model created to respond to the different needs that can be adapted on a case-by-case basis in terms of the design, provision, and management of services and consultation.

A protocol of care in which highly qualified physicians employ the best medical devices and equipment to ensure the well-being of patients, in a perspective of constant integration and development.

A system, created and implemented for the first time inside the pharmacy, designed to be modulated in different contexts through the creation of an healthcare space staffed by qualified healthcare professionals, and through the provision of a connection to the Medicorner IT platform to guarantee quality reporting. An offer that is truly unique on the market.


A complete and structured model

Healthcare sites

Healthcare protocols

Technological platform

Network of Partners


Healthcare sites

Design, organisation, and implementation of healthcare sites

A process designed, and industrialised, to be adapted in different contexts quickly and effectively.

The creation and management of a Medicorner involves:

  • feasibility study
  • creation and/or adaptation of the existing healthcare facilities
  • outfitting (furnishings and IT equipment)
  • connection of IT platform/call centre/software/operations centre
  • personnel selection and training
  • supply of medical equipment
  • forms
  • reporting services
  • updates and maintenance
  • communication
Healthcare protocols

Creating new “system-based” healthcare protocols

A protocol of care in which the creation of a system and a network are the essential means for ensuring complete oversight of patients. Employing the best medical devices and equipment and having clinical histories always available enables the doctors to cooperate in the most effective way.

Technological platform

Design and development of a technological platform built on the patient

A technological infrastructure created to enable doctors, patients, and healthcare personnel to interact, monitor, and update the clinical situation constantly.

Network of Partners

Implementation of a network of Partners able to guarantee excellence in reporting and clinical data management

A network of Partners and doctors created to ensure the quality of the process of overseeing patient care.

  • H&S Qualità nel software
  • Professionals who work in the most highly accredited hospitals

An operational model on the market

A functional and complete operational model on the market: a system, conceived and implemented for the first time inside the pharmacy, adaptable and applicable to the different contexts.


  • Help desk
    • (case management)
  • Triage
  • Monitoring of clinical and physical parameters
  • Diagnostics:
    • – cardiology (Holter blood pressure and cardiac monitoring, ECG, OAT monitoring)
    • – dermatology (dermatoscopic analysis)
    • – respiratory (spirometry, pulse oximetry)
    • – ophthalmology (retinal screening)
    • – laboratory tests
  • Consultation and second opinions
  • Counselling programmes
  • Nursing treatments
  • Physical therapy treatments
  • Home care:
    • – monitoring of clinical and physical parameters
    • – monitoring of proper use of medicines
    • – post-operative monitoring